Halcyon Heart

Halcyon Heart

When we join forces,
we can make a significant difference.
This is what we call Halcyon Heart.

Halcyon Heart

Giving back is in our blood. Our families have been supporting and actively engaging in initiatives that we really care about for generations. Now, with Halcyon Seas Charters, we continue our legacy of generosity, providing 5% of our profits annually to the causes and organizations that are deeply important to us.

The organizations we support are champions of ocean health. Here are the organizations that we support. We invite you to find out more about them below, and if any of these tug your heart as they do ours, we hope you are inspired to support them as well.

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society’s goal is to help maintain the current sea turtle population and to prevent a potentially irreversible decline in that population. Their volunteers are engaged in salvage, nesting surveys, turtle walks, sea turtle emergency response, education, and beach clean up programs.

Coral Restoration Foundation™

Coral Restoration Foundation™ is the largest coral reef restoration organization in the world. The organization was founded in response to the wide-spread loss of the dominant coral species on the Florida Reef Tract, which is the third largest barrier reef in the world and the only barrier coral reef in the continental United States. To date, they have now planted more than 80,000 corals back onto the Florida Reef Tract.

Worth Avenue Yachts

In addition, we are proud to work with Worth Avenue Yacht Charters, our chartering partner that gives generously to the following organizations